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Are you an icon maker with nothing to do for the next few hours, but you're too lazy to track down some images?

Are you not an icon maker but have a few images from which you would love a quality icon made?

Speed Icons is an instant request icon community. An icon maker will create a post saying that they are accepting icon requests and people will instantly reply with images. The icon maker will then create the icons within the next few hours, responding to the original commenter with the icons made from their images. This is an example of how a typical community post goes.

1. Be polite. Obviously. No one HAS to make an icon for you, especially if you're being a dick.
2. Follow icon etiquette. Meaning?
- COMMENT when you get your icon. Someone put time into creating it for you, don't just run off the second you get it.
- CREDIT the person who made your icon when you upload it.
3. Always provide an image. One of the main purposes for this is so that icon makers don't have to spend half of their time hunting down images to make icons of.
4. Provide relatively high quality images. Icons are small, so it doesn't always matter, but if your image is too small, the icon maker won't have as many cropping or coloring options.
5. Keep the number of images you request between 1-10. The icon maker exercises their right to use as many of the images as they want.
6. Assume that all icons made are non-shareable, and therefore only usable by the person who provided the image and requested the icon. If you want to use an icon, just ask the person who requested it for permission.
7. Ask any questions you have regarding the comm in the FAQ Section

.....Posting Guidelines
1. You must be be accepted to offer requests here. Apply here.
2. This community is for requests only, so don't pimp your community or icon post anywhere.
3. When making a post, be sure to specify what images you are willing to make icons of (ex. anime, manga, fanart, real people, etc.)
4. When making a post, be sure to specify how long you will be doing instant requests (ex. the next three hours, the first ten people to respond, etc.)
5. The whole point of this comm is to do requests as soon as you can, usually meaning the same day. It's okay if you wait a day or two to finish all the requests, but if you're going to leave people waiting for a week or more, this comm isn't for you.
6. Use the following form to make a community post. You're free to spice it up with different font or something, it's just a basic form.